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9 Suites Crafted for Comfort and Community
Rooms from €1,770 a month in summer


Boost your productivity with a dedicated desk in every room. Whether you’re working remotely, studying, or pursuing your passions, our thoughtfully designed workspaces ensure you have the ideal environment to excel.

Scenic Views

Wake up to breathtaking vistas that uplift your spirits. Each room offers a stunning view that complements your daily routines and adds a touch of natural beauty to your co-living experience. With a 360 degree rooftop terrace.

Weekly Cleaning

Embrace the convenience of a clean and organized living space without lifting a finger. Our dedicated team ensures that your room remains pristine with cleaning 5 days a week, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to you.

Our Master Suite is the epitome of refined co-living. Enjoy the premium experience of a larger space, sophisticated amenities, and a layout that ensures both privacy and connection

Elevate your co-living experience with our Balcony Suites. Enjoy the luxury of your private balcony, where you can bask in partial sea and bay view of of Signal and simply savour a tranquil moment.

Experience the charm of our Small Suite – an intimate haven designed to make the most of your stay. Thoughtful touches and modern amenities create a delightful home away from home

Indulge in the spaciousness of our Loft Suite – a unique retreat with a lofted sleeping area that maximises space and comfort. Discover a new level of relaxation in this innovative design.

Perfect for friends or individual travellers, our 2 Single Bed Suite offers a cozy and welcoming space to unwind after a day of exploration. Rest comfortably in separate beds while enjoying the community vibe.

Additional Amenities

Curated Community

Make friends in our Whatsapp group and vetted community with engaging skill-sharing sessions, creating a culture of sharing.

Built-in Activities

Experience a lively social calendar with built-in community events that bring everyone together for fun, networking, and memorable shared moments.

free Coffee/Tea

Enjoy the convenience of unlimited complimentary coffee or tea, available to fuel your day from morning to night.

Community work area

Stay productive in our purpose-built community work area, designed to inspire collaboration and provide a comfortable space for focused tasks.

Snack Bowl

Enjoy a healthy treat with a well-stocked fruit bowl, providing you with a selection of fresh fruits to snack on throughout the day

Desk in all Rooms

Our rooms feature the added convenience of a well-appointed desk, perfect for work or study creating a productive workspace right in your room.

Free Laundry Facilities

Enjoy the convenience of our complimentary laundry facilities, where cleanliness meets convenience with our hassle-free laundry amenities.


Experience pure relaxation at our pool. Whether you seek a refreshing swim or a peaceful sunbathing session, our pool provides the perfect escape.

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